Friday, 17 June 2011

One Year

It's not funny, funny or in any way linked to funny but it is one year now since I graduated. I think a brief term report is due, to start with dealing only in absolutes, number and truths. And here they follow:

160GB iPod 89 GB free
9 bike tyres
One pink UK driving license
~£7000 to my name
A monthly charitable contribution of £10 to Care International
Maybe that much again spent on "ChariSnacks"
10mg Loratadine tablets found to near enough useless
x unread books. More than 12
Two jobs
No more than 15 days of holiday taken
Lots of CDs. Enough to alphabetise? Not quite

So in one year, one year which has moved by at a fairly remarkable pace, I think I've spent time maybe as well as I could have done. I've ridden more, slept more, read more and worked harder than before. All of these are good things and things that I should take forward with me into this next year. It does feel as though everything previously has finally ended now that the majority of my friends have been shoehorned out of higher education. Or further education, I'm never really sure which it is/was.

Looking back at my last post, written when I was working shifts in a factory, I was preparing for my first and only graduate interview. Bizarrely that lead to the turn of events that have probably moved things in the most favourable direction. It must have come almost a month after my interview, when I was sure nothing had come of it, the news I in fact was being offered a job. This came a day after being interviewed in the loosest sense of the word for a position I currently slouch into every (week) day at 8:30. This has been wholly good news, for one thing, the improvement in my podiatric health has been a wonder.

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