Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Calm down, this is only a test. I've been erring towards this day for years, where I discard myself to the scrapheap of the internet lonely hearts (yes, you there). I am at best morose and perpetually grieving for my lost youth and at times, youth I haven't yet lost. I've enjoyed the sweet pleasures of university tuition and found myself spat out into the real and ever so ugly world of work and sensible bed times.

Obviously my main problem is constantly exaggerating my plight to the point of tedium. I'm generally content with meandering into my twenties and working an awful job. I don't deal much in planning or spontaneity, I'm bad at lists (hit lists and shopping). I enjoy music (guitars, drums, other) while remaining totally inept at anything within such a creative sphere. I'm vaguely endearing and undoubtedly frustrating in my handling of any number of day to day situations.

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