Tuesday, 26 October 2010

You might need me more than you think you will

I think I'm grinding to a bit of a hideous halt. I've managed to claim another job rejection and I've (mostly) run out of things I'd like to apply for. Most of all I'd like to quit my job and sit down all day. I'd like to read and play chess (I used to be in a chess club, I was terrible) and love and hate and eat and cook. I'd also like to pack this in, I'd prefer properly adjusted feelings. I've seen you twice, over a month ago. I swear the longer I go without seeing you the more I'll fall in love with you. The longer I don't see you for the worse I know you are for me. You'd be a terrible girlfriend, similarly I'd be a tragic boyfriend. You're far too good looking, I'm much too clingy. You'll break me so easily.

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