Thursday, 28 October 2010


And it couldn't be worse
I looked there and thought
His head leering
I wouldn't call it a face
That's what I've got
'Is everything okay?'
Asks my mum
I'm twenty-one years old, I live here with you
What could be wrong
'It's just your crying'
'Nothing' I said
She turns to go
It's a dangerous game
You must have turned
I just never got to see

Don't tell people about your dreams,
They won't care,
In fact they'll probably feel sorry for you.
These really are mundane affairs.

I'm not sure what's going on inside my brain but I woke up at four this morning having had the same dream twice. I had it three times in total, it was pretty inaccurately reproduced the second and third time but the jist of the bastard was the same. I'm not sure anyone else dreams about bloody facebook, it's that godforsaken blue colour scheme.

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