Friday, 29 October 2010


And how are you?
Worse I bet
I can't quite see
I've got nothing to cry for
I've got you
A bank full of numbers
Twenty pairs of socks

If I should be (sad/angry/taller), why aren't I?
You've already gone
Maybe you've got to clear the decks
That makes sense
The leaves clog the gutter
Or was I in the gutter?
The bloody gutter?
It's a possible
Not a maybe
But chances

And I want to say
'What a lying
But you won't let me
'What an honest
remorseful (slightly)
slut (possible)

'I want something to savour'
is what I want to say
'I wish you were smarter'
is what I want to hear
'I can't bear this shit again'
in your car
'It's alright, I'm yours'
is what I should tell you
'You're alright. You're ugly short daft'
it's why I love you.

In short it's always the same
i) I fucked up
ii) You fucked me over
It'll never change
i) I hate you're sympathy
ii) Help me or I'll fall apart

You fucking wrecking balls
I bet you're proud
You take down the walls
We've always been proud of them
Without a care
So we're empty
It took so long
We were always proud of them
Do we build our walls more solid?
Or do we never let you in again?

1 comment:

  1. Ok. These are fantastic, if I was anything more than a drummer I would put these to music. I might next year, because this spring is guitar spring. Is that ok? I could send it to you, if you like. If it happens.