Sunday, 19 September 2010

Dance Music

I've completed my first application. I'm not entirely certain that actually applying for a job you would like is ideal as a first run, I figure I should have thrown some applications out to things I am utterly unsuited to or wholly unqualified in or completely bored by even the prospect of applying for. Straight in at the deep end.

The new bike is still riding very well. Maybe too well in fact, I managed to clean Nemesis today. In the rather excellent dry conditions there was more than enough grip to even dab on the front brake. Looking to get whatever I'm doing this weekend organised tomorrow, I'm pretty set on a trip up to Wales, even if it is only for a days riding. This time without the tents, which is a relief. One day it'll be without the train, when I remember to book some driving lessons. I'm not sure the problem is really remembering, it's more about not wanting to.

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