Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fear Me, May

For today I am the Yes Man. And that means saying yes to myself and not being afraid, to risk feeling maybe a little stupid to take a chance on something that could be really great. So prepare for carnage. Along with learning most of a module for Mondays exam, today will be fairly busy.

Currently there's still a little residual pain/anguish over the disappointing result in the final yesterday. Really the better team, the much better team, won. It could though have been so different, we defended better than the sum of our parts, Chelsea's shooting was dangerous from distance but strangely attracted toward the woodwork. Kalou continues to look like one of the worst players in professional football, he was wholey outshone by international team-mate Dindane, who even managed an air kick when he had a clear sight of goal. Mokoena and Rocha have managed to form a tight and effective partnership over only a short time together, the full-backs, Mullins, well out of position and Finnan, ancient, looked composed. If this team had been together the whole of the season they could, should and would most likely have finished 14th. They're bad but certainly not the worst. Hardly the drubbing that was expected, credit to everyone involved for preventing that, team spirit, determination and pride have got us a long way this season. If there's enough left for next season we aught to be just fine.

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