Thursday, 17 December 2009


Right, right, right. So far today: Order a shirt pretty much needlessly, ordered a few books as presents, eaten some food and seen my mate Dave. A pretty poor run I'd say. The plans of working through this week are in what look like the remains of tatters.

To an extent this brings me to question what my plans are for the near future. Saying I graduate at the end of the year, I'll be 20 with a couple of months 'til 21. Currently my student debt sits at £13,386.46 plus the rest for second half of this year plus my bank overdraft which is likely to be sitting at £1,500. Going together to give a net debt of £20,000. Bloody hell that's a lot of cash. From then on I guess I'll be looking to get a quick full time minimum wage job to cover that overdraft first and foremost. Bringing in what I used to, around £150 a week that brings me to a bank balance of £0 within about three months. From there I'm on a fairly level footing, being around about October, I'm going to have to be looking at a job or career. From there I'm thinking, what next, do I look for some kind of post-graduate opportunity, internship etc.

Quick snap back to reality, what I'm doing now is hardly constructive towards any of these goals. So with a week 'til Christmas I've got to get down and do some work. If the weather's up to it I might head off for a quick spin on the bike but likely I'll end up in bed until the early afternoon. Crucially, I've got to get the fuck on.

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