Monday, 14 December 2009

One hell of a while

It has been such a long time since I've had the time, energy or inclination to get on and write something here. First off, the time, it's been a whole monster pile of homework and report writing to get done. Going right up to the last minute is how I usually do things but this time it was cutting it maybe that little too fine. And then on to energy, recently I've been feeling half as though I've lost motivation for what I'm doing. It feels like forever since I've had a weekend off or a couple nights where I don't have to think about doing work. I know it's what I signed up for and at the time I imagined there'd be slightly more work, but three years straight through is exhausting. Not taking a gap year between college and here might have something to do with it. Also being a pretty whiney son of a bitch comes into it too. This finally ties in with inclination, inclination to really do anything that I know I should be doing. It's odd thinking about the amount of time I've spent and the amount misspent, the number of mornings where I should have been up before 11. Should have got something done the evening before. All the things I should be doing I haven't, or the things I have done I should have done better. I'm usually a bare minimum kind of guy with respect to work and similar and really that's got change if I'm looking to get a 2.1 rather than a Desmond.

I'm heading back tomorrow via my grandmother's and I'm hoping just to calm everything down, read a book, watch some tv, just normal things. After that in the week before Christmas I've got a whole bundle of work to do but I know if I start too soon I'm going to lose the will to get any done even quicker than usual. These are a big bunch of exams, there's no way around that and I've got to pull my bloody finger out and make sure I set myself up for some decent scores.

It's been a classic few weeks of sport, with Henry making headlines by upsetting the Irish. Tiger Woods struggling to keep up his former squeaky clean exterior and the X-factor finishing (I think). Under new management Portsmouth have managed to secure 4 points from 3 games. Interestingly enough the formerly goal shy team have scored in each game that new boss Grant has been in charge of. It should also be pointed out we really haven't played well in any of them, Grant seemingly bringing with him the missing ingredient lacked by the Tony Adams/Paul Hart era.

So I've got a lot planned up until the 4th of January and I hope to use this as a way to keep me on track. If I can get something down every day, maybe as tangible evidence to myself that I in fact can make good use of my time, that should spur me on. As it is I've got a train to catch in a little over 11 hours.

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