Sunday, 8 November 2009

D vs G

Going to drop this in quickly this morning. After watching the first heavyweight fight I've ever felt motivated to watch and after seeing David Haye take the whatever-it's-called belt I feel pretty sorry for the big lad he defeated. To be fair to Valuev he really doesn't look much like a boxer and more of a fridge-freezer and throughout he was made to look his age and his weight, a few flashes of his fairly brutal strength came through but a couple of openings went begging and Haye had more than enough in the tank to launch a few attacks in the last round. On the whole it was fairly disappointing really, two blokes who really can hurt each, other going at it but throughout over half an hour there were only a few really telling blows landed. There's likely to be a similar amount of blows landing in the United Chelsea showdown, where like last night the winner is more than likely to be from London, England.

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