Friday, 9 October 2009


Titled as "Big Albums Coming In 2009" it's surprising to see that the list numbers 145 such albums, with only a mere two whole months of the year remaining. This is on the fairly fine website On the first page of this BAC09 it's good to see some of the stalwarts of the noughties: Robbie Williams, Eminem, Westlife and even some from beyond the scope of this millennium: Bon Jovi, Courtney Love and Bob Dylan. Now quite who lets this load of shit get released? More the question should be, who buys it? If you were a Take That fan, currently you are pretty likely to be 20+ years of age. Maybe a little too old to buy an album made by some now impotent old blokes? Even Robbie P Williams has got a disc to peddle, of course that was fairly clear from the moment I caught a glance at yesterdays redtops, 24 hours from death, drugs, drink, blahblahblah. Surely that's how times have changed, when Robbie started out that would likely be deemed very bad publicity. Now it's possibly the best he's going to get.

In better news the weather has returned to it's normal, wonderful self. Wednesday was a prime slice of Britishness, football training in the rain. Today, fairly similar conditions are on show, possibly why I'm writing this. It's taken around about half an hour of painful hard drive grinding and it all pretty much looks the same but Vista in it's infinite wisdom has bestowed upon me, Service Pack 2. I haven't used my desktop much in the last few weeks since I've been back, contributed to by the purchase (at last) of a more modern netbook. The device in case is an Asus 1005HA, for £250 it's looking like a top choice. The main requirements of big battery and decent keyboard are met nicely and the standard size hard drive is huge. It also has two speakers, which now seems like an incredible luxury for some reason. I'm going to cram it with music shortly and maybe see if some elderly games will function, I'm thinking Fallout 2 but maybe that's a little ambitious. I'm going now to start a pop career, with one eye on a 2018 World Cup comeback song.

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