Thursday, 29 October 2009


As this month draws to a close there are a couple of points to bring to the table.

1. Frankly awful music.
2. Some frankly excellent music.
3. Not everything is significant.

1 is easily addressed by the exciting evening that has just taken place. I usually enjoy football socials as they are on the whole pretty fun. However this time a trip to the suitably named "The Lash" was only a pretty bloody short stay. With a terrible live act (Ndubz if that's how it's spelt) quickly stirring up some trouble, from where we were it seemed that a girl had been biffed right in the face by some bloke. Football or rugby, it doesn't really matter as it's pretty bloody foul behaviour either way. Maybe with the problem with the evening is it's super heavy drinking cock-fest style. Fairly quickly we left. Luckily really as I doubt the quality of entertainment could improve.

2 is covered by the discovery of some pretty good bands over the last few weeks. these are Mew, Part Chimp, The Forms and The Wicked Farleys. The later of which I received the album of today and it's a really enjoyable listen, packing in some excellent song writing and structuring. The Forms, I am currently listening to, do a similar thing but use their exceptionally smooth indie rock musicianship alongside an excellent vocal approach where the lead vocals simply blend in and become part of the music. It really is great stuff and is exactly the kind of music I really enjoy whatever my mood. It's a shame really but I need to collect a decent amount of sleep. I could really do without nine o'clock starts.

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