Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The poison

It's been a few weeks, and what with whole media broo-ha-ha (if that's how it's spelt) about illegal file sharing I hadn't pirated anything, not a thing. Then today, I went and bloody did it. I would love to be able to defend myself and say that it's not my fault, blahblah and blah but really it's my choice, lack of morals and tight fisted-ness. I do feel the problem really lies with the pricing of music, when it's available free (both cost and consequence) who would really fork out their money to HMV with their fairly grotesque mark up of prices. I'd much rather throw my cash at a local independent store and I'm sure most others would, but even that stance is a more costly than heading for a torrent site. Clearly something should change.

Midweek England blew away the poor chaps sent from Belarus, which really should be a regulation job. In passing glimpses England looked fairly flat, with wingers seemingly incapable of doing anything aside from losing the ball and Peter Crouch letting the ball hit him in the face/chin as it's bashed up the pitch towards him. Good stuff all round really. Beckham managed to snatch the man of the match award for his contribution, not much more than half an hour was enough to show up the deficiencies in England's wide areas with only Milner coming close to emulating the Beckham role. The bloke is most likely too old to be anything more than a super-sub for England come South Africa but that is a role he seems more than capable of growing into.

Yet more round ball action, Harry Redknapp comes back to Pompey. Exciting, fairly likely, scrappy, certainly. So here's to three points, a likely red for Brown and a fairly busy day for Jamo. Consider that we can double our points haul for the season so far, nothing could be better than stuffing the old twitchy bagpuss on his first foray back on the south coast.

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