Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Nu-metal and it's horrible revenge. Tonight I've had the privilege to listen to the finest offerings from the least technically proficient derivative of metal that has ever been thrown out, of course these tracks are all dated from around 2000. Yes; y2k. That's a long old time and to be honest this material has not aged well, take Rollin' or whatever they fuck they called it. It's a horrible track, a minute or two longer than it ever should have been, poor lyrical content and poor musicianship. Still back in my naive days, when I was but a youth and music was a fresh horizon I could count this as one of my favourite tunes. But now I see it for what it is, a poor effort in a very poor genre. Why are these days looked upon as the glory days of our youth? Tonight's DJ I'm fairly sure could be usurped for musical taste by almost anyone attending, that is of course if he was playing music he genuinely enjoyed, which is fairly unlikely; but if that is the case then why play the garbage that gets churned out week after week? Why not mix things up a little, That Fucking Tank would go down a storm with kids who want to mosh to Rage. 65days could see a few improvised moves being thrown. But still, in this shit we trust.

A pattern seems to be emerging, drinking, blogging and poor punctuation. Roll on, roll.

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