Saturday, 24 October 2009

Four Down

Four weeks of lectures are now done, pretty much a third of a semester, the easy bit anyway. Not a lot is really worthy of a mention, it's all been fairly simple or entirely along the lines of stuff we've already done but that's never going to be a bad thing. In other matters, this weekend is, by my count, the third relegation six pointer we will have contested so far this season (a modest record of one won one lost is certainly better than league form in general). That's right, another team in orange to take on away from home and another chance to see a decent performance undermined by horrible luck and lack of ability in front of goal. Of course the terms six pointer and must win have been banded about for the last couple of weeks about this game, when really it's a good-if-we-win-it-but-on-it's-own-nothing-like-enough game. Six pointer is also a flattering term, used to describe the Wolves clash also, when between them the two teams had accrued seven points, an average of 3.5 with a range of 7. Really a battle between a dreadful team and the worst team. This weekend is likely to be similar, with the losing manager potentially getting the boot and the winning side potentially sticking with their useless managerial teams for a few weeks longer, really a no win situation for anyone. Least of all the fans who are likely to have to sit through a fairly tense, rigid and nervy performance to see their team ultimately struggle to do what football is supposed to be about, getting the ball between the white posts. Nail biting, gripping and potentially heart breaking, no Paul Hart pun intended.

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