Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dilema or life choice?

I'll be the first (maybe second) to admit that I do really lack any kind of cutting edge, by cutting edge I mean nerve. Authority, spur and gung-ho spirit, that kind of stuff. What confronts me is a trivial, fairly bleeding simple proposition, a girl who I know full well does a subject that means she frequents the uni library that I also inhabit. And who tonight I'd say I pretty much checked out to her face, breath drawn through teeth, all of that rubbish. She didn't really seem to mind. Who I know full well is as close to the girl of my dreams (jokes aside) as is possible. What's the plan then? Confront or hide. I've taken hide for a good length of time and of course right now I've been drinking, which is a terribly unromantic way of approaching the confront option. A beacon for pissed ships, maybe but nothing more.

Of course these are the emptiest of words and really I'll never follow through on anything more than a syllable of them but really I wonder who would. When I think of who would I think of the reasons I wouldn't, they account for almost nil. Why wouldn't I? Someone I have never talked to will never talk to me. Someone I don't know will judge me as a horrible crass individual. Most people manage to do that.

So from here I have decided:
  • Bloody well do it
  • Do it
  • Don't worry about what occurs from doing it
  • Bloody well do it
There. Down in ink (if not ink then binary). Let's get on with things shall we.

As predicted a red for Browny in today's game against the arch rivals. Shame that KPB's absolute stunner wasn't a match winner, a strike like that really deserves to be. If Hart's time is up then it's again almost a case to Tony Adams, where a nice bloke just isn't lucky. In fact completely unlucky, I feel sorry for PH, he's done the best he can with what he's got and that certainly isn't very much. Play like we did in the last half hour, with wit, initiative and creativity and we will stay up. Sadly I feel Paul Hart is not a bloke capable of coaxing that out of the players each week until the end of the season.

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