Sunday, 4 October 2009


So it's a week down, five days. In other terms, £400 spent. It's likely I get the gene for loose reigns on finances from my father but it seems fairly unlikely, after receiving a proper payment from the SLC, that it'll prove much of a problem for the moment anyway. Work so far is pretty much as expected and true to form of the last four semesters. Initially a mix of easy/hard and work/no work. It is becoming quite obvious though that working is probably required for most if not all of the modules I've been thrust into. The fairly promising premise for my report module makes Monday's look a pretty decent prospect for the time being anyway.

In sporting terms today is something of a landmark, a victory away at Wolves is enough to banish the memories of a couple of bad performances at the start of the season. Certainly not the best performance of the last three, probably the worst actually, but this time things went our way. Yebda this time netting rather than hitting the woodwork. Importantly the team looks to be the best available, with the hard working but goal shy front two looking the weakest links. A mean defense which, in spite of age, could sit comfortably in the top ten come the end of the season if the rest of the team follows their example. A decent balance to the midfield, which for once has lost the "big boys" look of years gone by in favour of a more footballing output while still having one of the dirtiest bastards on the block in Brown. Certainly no Muntari, Mendes, Las and Diop but more than enough to hold the middle of the park. From the look of the next few fixtures there certainly are points to play for. Spuds at home is a big game and really the closest thing to local derby/grudge match that we're going to see for a few years. With the same support as was evident against Wolves going undefeated in three games could be the perfect comeback to such a wretched start to the season.

For a band who don't release too many albums Brand New seem to have come a long way without losing the knack of producing great music. I say great fairly seriously here as within the genre they sit with some very superficial peers and as many one hit wonders as you can shake anything at. To be able to churn out an album each year seems standard practise for some bands these days but maybe it's a credit to Brand New that they seem content to push for quality over a constant chart single presence. Of course I don't mean chart in the sense that they are pushing out tracks heading for the top ten but compared to their less talented peers they receive almost no UK radio play. Yet the huge frenzy around a new album erupts just in time for each release and their minimalistic approach to touring leaves them as something of an exclusive experience. This newest album is no different to any of their previous works in that it takes on a new sound. A band taking on pop punk, harder rock and some fairly alternative rock over the course of 4 albums is testament to creativity and imagination. How many bands produce the same albums over and over? How many bands are hailed as "pioneering" and the "next big thing" but offer no discernible difference between each song on an eleven track album? It's the cookie cutter band that they stand against, almost by accident.

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