Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Wintering blues

I can officially state once more my dismay at lack of student loan. I'm pretty sure that I'll do well to have received any information on the status of said loans before the end of the week when I move out for about the sixth time in three years. Most of this week is geared towards moving out, people are either going or gone. It more or less marks the end of summer. It ends up giving a fairly skewed picture of a city, to live there for only the autumn, winter and spring months. I can imagine living in Edinburgh and never seeing the beauty of the place in the sun, just because of university calenders. Cardiff is wonderful in the sun (limited time only) but most of the time the sky is draped in greys and blacks. It would feel pretty normal to arrive back and find it pouring with rain for days on end. It's not really the weather I enjoy but it is the weather most regularly served up in the south of Wales.

Packing is at more or less a halt but progress has been made in the resupply routine with tinfoil, cling film and peppercorns sourced for the new year/cupboard. That's less than half the job but it's progress. I've looked over the timetable for this semester and I've considered (briefly) reading up some of my old notes. Also considered researching my project (again, briefly). My project is "The Physics of a Cricket Bat". Exciting as it sounds it sits happily with my interest in the game.

Currently England sit at 69-1, good start once more but 4 nil down, it's hardly a crucial juncture. It has, however, become fairly tiresome. It seems that almost every spectator, journalist and pundit can see the (multitude of) problems and pose sensible solutions, however the same errors pop up and the games fall away in the same way, time after time. It's like any sport, the blend of attack and defence is what defines a team, it's about striking the correct balance and sacrificing one for the other at the right time. But even if it came down to instinct, mental arithmetic or general knowledge, England would still find a way to get it wrong in either 50 over passage.

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