Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The sky's revenge

Climate change is a burden we all share, the sins of today will (likely) reap their revenge on the generations of the future. Today the government's official climate advisers claim that greenhouse emissions will have to fall by 90% in both domestic and industrial fields to maintain air travel at the current levels throughout the UK.

Now I've never been on a plane and currently don't own, or am able to drive a car, my carbon footprint comes from the electricity I use, the food and goods that are shipped thousands upon thousands of miles to me (spring onions come from Mexico of all places) and the travel methods I use. So where is a 90% drop in greenhouse gases going to come from? And how will it be payed for? Well it'll simply be footed by me and my generation so planes can take off from Southampton and fly to Manchester for half the cost of a train and at twice the carbon emissions. Who will be left with a planet with dwindling natural recourses and an unsustainable boom in population?

Answers on a postcard.

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