Thursday, 10 September 2009


Today, being only ten days until I'm back to uni I've done the two (most exciting) things on my list:

1. Call Student Finance England or whatever they're called now.
2. Put some things in some boxes.

Complications all over the place. After 20 minutes of holding I finally enjoyed some human contact from a call centre worker, who surprisingly was fluent in English. After explaining my awkward situation, I expected to here him wading through the hundreds of forms that have been filled out (mostly by my mum). But no, I was passed on into the devilish grasp of an "assessor", these superhuman beings (only women in my limited experience so far) are highly trained in the art of confusion.

The word/acronym/secret codename "PFF2" came up a number of times. Similarly the slightly more well known "P60" was banded around, pretty much every sixth word. As I my way, surely the way of many others also, after a huge wait on hold I was fairly well irritated. What becomes more irritating still is people making reference to your irritation. YET more irritating still is having one's "attitude" called into question. Needless to say these people are paid for at my expense and are employed to do a service for me, so for me to become in any way frustrated with the quality of their service is very poor form. After 13 minutes of codename after codename and verbal battling it ended in a bit of a stalemate.

At that point having been informed I was "unlikely" to receive my student loan within the next couple of months I phoned the much friendlier Welsh types at university. I informed them after two years of loyal fee payment that I was pretty "unlikely" to pay them on time. She happily informed me that "it should be fine". Good customer service. Actually being treated like a customer, even better. A few hours later, situation, pretty much remedied. A swift call from my mother and the woman guilty of my horrific torture conceded that I was correct. What about? I'm not too sure.

Better news on the other front, task number 2 has yielded a box, with some stuff in. Along with a further box, with some stuff in. At this rate I'll be packed moments before the end of the year, so maybe stepping up my game a little in the next few days would be of some benefit.

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