Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Now I've never written to my MP. For a start I don't know who he is, I guess it's a he anyway. The road to receiving a student loan is both long and arduous. Again another letter, with more orders from HQ in Scotland. Another call to, for the first time actually, a rude cretin in the SLC (I forget who they are and what I want to say by the time I get through) offered a fairly simple answer to a fairly simple question. Quite why it takes half an hour to get in touch with someone for a one word but important yes/no answer is very poor.

What I'm planning to say to my MP I currently don't know. I'll express my continued frustration at a company of whom I am a customer. Throughout the ordeal I am made to feel less and less like a customer and this, once more impenetrably complex turn of events, leaves me feeling pretty cold towards the SLC company as a whole. It's not that I expect £20 of M&S vouchers as a token apology, nice as it would be I don't find that kind of gesture particularly useful. Perhaps I would prefer a dialogue with the company where my complaints are taken on board. It's not as though my complaints are wholly unique but centre around a couple of points where the change in income assessment criteria other the years I have been at university mean that assumptions are wrongly made by the company. The real weakness of the SLC is its slow reaction to problems. When things go wrong, don't expect to hear what you need to do or what they did wrong for at least a couple of weeks.

So my MP will have to endure my roundabout rant. Even if it makes no difference to me I hope this awful polluted system is set crashing down and replaced with an equally faceless government body. SHITLC would be a fine name. Long may the good work continue.

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