Friday, 11 September 2009

Magic. Not Magic.

One thing is for sure Derren Brown can really get some people's knickers in a twist. His elaborate stunt/trick/illusion the other day was originally billed along the lines of:

Man predicts lottery numbers.

What it became:

Man gets lottery numbers onto some ping pong balls within around 30 seconds of the actual draw.

Taking it for what it is, nothing too difficult, it could be done in a multitude of ways. Of course by putting on an hour of pretty dull TV, even by the standard of Dave day time repeats, without posing a solution is another shrewd move. Good for DB (not a fan of initials but I'm willing to try them out) really, even better for the people who didn't know about it or watch either show though. Of course this leaves room for a book "How I Dunnit" and he's set for life, these antics alone should be worth more than £2.5mil from winning the needless Wednesday night lottery draw (though winning it every week could net him slightly more).

After yesterdays exciting loan related events I was pleased to read on the BBC (getting to like initials) website that there is a widespread outbreak of anger towards the hapless lot in charge of student loans. Considering I'm a returning student so all the bits and pieces go through my LEA, they should have a fairly reduced workload but still manage to make a fair old hash of things. I feel inclined to use their complaints facility but that may be "unlikely" to receive a response. More likely lost in the depths of their inbox. Or worst still be given priority and stall my loan seeking.

My only plan, at this stage, is to wait 'til the Friday before I leave (next Friday!) and lay siege to their phone lines, potentially I'll have two land lines bombarding the castle. If by midday I have no mail and no happy little call centre chappie to talk to, I'll acquire a train to Winchester and lay physical siege to their castle. It actually is "The Castle" in their address so I'll pack accordingly. Clearly the second phase is unlikely to be implemented and may give proper grounds for complaint about my "attitude".

In the longterm, i.e. back in Wales, I have no real plan. I'll just show up, beg for money from the parents and uni, spend it in my usual guilt free fashion. I long for sausages wrapped in bacon, phallically shapen fruit and veg from the market, blue milk and chocolate based cereals. I'll possibly buy a useful book or two. Or most likely spend everything I haven't got on the same old shit and at the same old pubs.

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