Saturday, 19 September 2009

Last day

So tomorrow will feature the final few hours at home until possibly Christmas. It isn't long but it seems that way during the fairly wintery autumn period. Only 12 weeks, 12 Mondays and a possible 77 hours of lab time. After brief breakfasting it is onwards to chariot for the 154 mile journey westward, across the toll bridge and into the capitol city of Wales. I should suggest that I'm looking forward to it, and I am, in spite of the SLC cock up. It was good to see the BBC carrying quotes in one of it's stories branding the SLC's work as "someone else's incompetence". For future reference:

Hopefully after this farce moving will go smoothly, I'd say I'm around 80% packed. Computer, monitor and related peripheral are almost the last to go every time, folders and textbooks are pretty easy to get boxed early enough. On top of that I had the fairly simple task of swapping out my football boots from last year for some shiny new ones, after spending the last couple of months complaining about lack of funds I managed to spend close to £50 on some new Nike boots. They're pretty much top of the range and have got everything: event lining, laces and even several studs. They are rolling an orange and silver and black colour scheme which I've yet to see on Match Of The Day this evening but I don't think many of the trendy Arsenal or West Ham players are rockin' last year colours. I reckon they'll be on show in the Bolton game though so there's a chance of some air time. Word is they won't make me any better... I think Ben Haim is wearing them, he just got rolled for the second we conceded this afternoon. Doesn't bode too well.

Moving into a new house has an upside or two, a week or so without internet means that stuff/things get done. There is some odd buzz I get from shopping for kitchen utensils, probably the only things that do it. Technology and computers used to but now they are fairly free of mystery on the other hand a range of chopping boards to choose from is something of a bloody novelty murder mystery of an afternoon. I also want some kind of kitchen oil dispenser. I think I might be overestimating the amount of time I'll be spending in the kitchen considering I'm scheduled for nine to five Monday but maybe it's in my head trying to make up for the lousy kitchen facilities of last year. Hopefully the facilities are as (or close to) I remember.

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