Sunday, 6 September 2009


I have received 17 emails from Friday to Sunday. All but two being spam/advertising/spamvertising. Based on these statistics (the most reliable possible) that suggests that only 12% (11.76%) are actual useful correspondence.
That aside, I'm fairly pleased to announce, within a much longer time period, ten weeks, I've read eight complete books. Chances are that I have read more words of spam than print. To go back to the percentiles; I've had untapped internet access for 50% of my life. Several thousand emails (62,000ish actually), I'm still yet to consider a spam filter.

Today I'm looking forward to another display of sporting prowess from England's other sports team. After yesterdays poor showing, attributed mainly to a better than average defensive display from a less than gifted set of opponents. Considering the opening goal came from equal parts poor refereeing and fairly lowly cheating from the player who ever so foolishly (hindsight, of course, is still king) commented during the week of his overwhelming urge to never cheat and certainly not dive. Dive, maybe he didn't, but to accept the award of the penalty while all around him players from both sides displayed their dismay at the decision is as good as cheating. Deceit is deceit, however and whoever you are deceiving.

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